Listen: JKN at Faircamp!
Listen   Mai 26, 2024

Listen: JKN at Faircamp!

Josef K. Noyce at the base [records] Faircamp

Faircamp is a static site generator for audio producers coded by Simon Repp!

Point Faircamp to a folder hierarchy on your disk which contains your audio files. Within minutes, Faircamp builds a complete, static website that presents your music to your audience. You can view the site on your computer or upload it to any webhost - no database, no php or such required.
(Simon Repp - Faircamp)

Feel free to visit our self hosted base[records] faircamp site, which presents liverecordings from different base bands like The Smiling Buddhas, Dorninger, Monochrome Bleu and Josef K. Noyce in different setups.

Nice of you to stop by!

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