Industrialized Pop-Music (1983-1998)

Monochrome Bleu

The band is not active any more!

Monochrome Bleu (1982 - 1998)
Monochrome Bleu was formed by Wolfgang Dorninger & Thomas Resch in 1983. The band started as a kind of melodic industrial band and transformed later in a kind a industrial pop-band. In 1984 Leo Schatzl joined Monochrome Bleu to produce videos & install video-environments for the band. 1987 Peter Androsch joined the band as guitar player and also as composer. The band performed all over Europe and toured three times the USA (1986, 1989, 1992). Monochrome Bleu played live from 1982 - 1993 and released their last album "Done" in 1998.

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