Various Artists / Vinyl:  20 - 7inch12
Records   Februar 4, 2024

Various Artists / Vinyl: 20 - 7inch12

Whenever I look at the cover of the 7inch12 single "20" I remember hot monthly presentation parties, the Linz music underground scene and the 7inch12 team (Dornetshuber, Dorninger, Krispel). Especially Gustav "Just" Dornethuber, who passed away on 22.1.2001. The "20" minutes 7inch was a compilation of 20 artists / bands with a one minute music or sound art piece.

The artwork of the cover and the whole 7inch12 series was designed by the artist Herbert Schager.

7inch12 was a singles club where subscribers got a monthly 7inch vinyl from one or two bands from Linz. We released 16 7" singles and 1 CD with the titel "Dichtmachen" which means shut down.

I still have some copies of the 7". Send an email to if you want to buy a copy.

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