Flyer: Stationery / Briefpapier
Artwork   Juli 25, 2023

Flyer: Stationery / Briefpapier

Cassette Culture in the 80s was based on communication. Very important to Josef K. Noyce was the stationery, the type of packaging and the flyers and postcards that came with the tapes. The stationery is from about 1988.

Here you can see a DIY print template for Xerox copied stationery.

This was before the desktop publishing era. You needed Letraset for the letters, a typewriter with a good font, a copying machine to enlarge or reduce designs and white liquid opaque ink.

Some more informations:
- Letraset produced different fonts for rubbing.
- With my typewriter I could change 4 fonts. The name of the typewriter had the beautiful name Gabriele and came from Italy.
- I had no copy maschine but a copy shop not that far away.
- The white covering fluid was necessary to cover the anten of the cut-out copies. This no longer works with the scanner and the high resolution. That's why you can see so beautifully where I have laminated everywhere.

If you ran a cassette label, that was the basic equipment in terms of graphics in the 80ies.

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