Book / CD: Cassette Culture
Records   April 20, 2020

Book / CD: Cassette Culture

VOD158: JERRY KRANITZ / VARIOUS: Cassette Culture - Homemade Music and the Creative Spirit in the Pre-Internet-Age 320p. Book w. 2CD 76,19

"Cassette Culture: Homemade Music and the Creative Spirit in the Pre-Internet Age"

Intensive 320 page Book written by Jerry Kranitz incl a 2CD loaded with almost 160 minutes of Cassette-Culture / DIY Artists

The book takes a social history/analytical approach to the growth of the global cassette culture/homemade music network that sprouted and flourished from the post-punk era through the early 1990s. The author explores how the participants communicated, traded, collaborated, and set up cottage industry labels to distribute their work. A long overdue study of this pivotal yet less than comprehensively documented chapter in the post-punk and 20th century independent arts movement stories.

Pic. by VoD Records, text and info too.

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CD1 feat. Josef K. Noyce

Track 21 Joseph K Noyce 'The Beat' 1988 (2:37)

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