Compilation: "Bad Alchemy Nr.6" - Bad Alchemy
Records   August 17, 1986

Compilation: "Bad Alchemy Nr.6" - Bad Alchemy

Bad Alchemy Nr. 6 - Various Artists feat. Josef K. Noyce, Monochrome Bleu, 5 UU's, David Garland and many more!

Year: 1986
Catalog No: Bad Alchemy Nr 06
Format: Tape and printed magazine

Side A
Markus Eichenberger – Atemketten Nr. 27/28 + Do (Pt. One)
Bosshard-Müller – 114,3
Christoph Gallio – Fishdance
Schlagwerk-3 – Itnüginamuki
Josef K. Noyce – For Ileh
Josef K. Noyce – Somebody's Watching You
H.N.A.S. – Viel Spaß Auf Dem Sofa

Side B
David Garland – The Heavy Load
David Garland – Play Within A Play
David Garland – Poor Me
5UU's – Misery Loves Company
5UU's – Hot & Cold Frog
Monochrome Bleu – Imagination
Monochrome Bleu – La Traviata

Published with a 54 page magazine in German with a few pieces in English.

Rigobert Dittmann of Bad Alchemy did a lot for Josef K. Noyce. In 1989 he released "Josef K. Noyce Sings Shakespeare" as a 12" vinyl on Bad Alchemy!

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