DORNINGER is a sound art and band project by Wolfgang "Fadi" Dorninger

// DORNINGER - soundart / music / crossmedia

THE ARTIST The German Wikipedia summarizes: "Wolfgang 'Fadi' Dorninger (* 1960 in Linz) is an Austrian musician, music-producer and artist. He composes music for movies, theatre, modern dance and sound-installations".

ARTIST STATEMENT Sound is the main focus of my artistic work, no matter as musician (DORN, Wipeout, ...), label-owner (base), sound-artist or lecturer at the Art University of Linz. Two diametrically opposite worlds of sound occupy my work oscillating inbetween musique concrète and digital sound-production in a range from sound-installations, multi-media-performances, music for theater or techno.

My working credo is: Sound Art before midnight, and Techno after midnight.

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