Post City - An Aural Fiction

"Post City - An Aural Fiction" at Ars Electronica 2015 Musik und Sound Design: Wolfgang Dorninger Animations, Visuals: Benjamin Obholzer

Showcase 1: Große Konzertnacht - 6.9.2015, 20:00-24:00, PostCity, Gleishalle (with visuals by Benjamin Obholzer)
Showcase 2: Music Monday - 7.9.2015, 11:50, PostCity, Gleishalle (without visuals)

Post City – An Aural Fiction consists of four movements: before - now - a soundwalk - time stands still. The piece is made up of field recordings, sound design and composed elements. It is conceptualized for subwoofer, loudspeaker, horns and hypersonic speaker, as a concertante sound installation. In Post City it is not simply a question of less or being against something, but being for something radically new.

Recorded live at Postcity, Gleishalle (dimension app. 120m x 40m) September 6th 2016 with 2 microphones and from mixing-desk.

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