Live-Equipment for 2024!

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Live-Equipment for 2024!

In order to realize an artistic concept for a performance, I scraped many of the self-soldered sound tools onto three poplar boards, wired them up and then started rehearsing. Now I can perform live with it, very nice!

The devices are quickly listed.

Board 1: Scremo by Alwin Weber / Circuit Circle, Chaosz by Uwe Schüler, 2 Step Synth, Ugly Face and FlipFloater Delay by FlipFloater

Board 2: Levitation Oscillator by Noisio, Benjolin V1-2 variation, Resonator and Ugly Face (distortion) by FlipFloater, a no name sample from China for 4.-€

Board 3: Bass61 by Noisio, two first generation ATPCs, a mixer by Circuit Control