My FX-Eurorack is finished!

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My FX-Eurorack is finished!

From left to right: FlipFloater Delay by FlipFloater, Pico DSP by Erica Synths, Distortion by Max Bauer aka cultRa, Chaosz by Uwe Schüler, Audio Mixer V1.0 by Bleep Sound, 2 x Grains by Ginko Synthese and A-138n Narrow Mixer by Doepfer.

My nephew Max (aka cultRa) gave me this beautiful wooden Eurorack with an excellent power supply for my birthday. His self-developed distortion unit and the mixer from Bleep Sounds later too. And a lot of tips! Thanks so much Max!

I adapted the FlipFloater Delay and the Chasosz Synth to the Eurorack. Maybe I'll find the time to design a nicer front panel.

The FX-Rack has already been used live at the Wipeout concert at the Chelsea in Vienna.