2 x 7" Vinyl / Digital: membrane - base

2 x 7" Vinyl / Digital: membrane - base

DORNINGER "membrane"
code: 1212-14
release date digital 12/2012 / vinyl 9/2013
format: 2x7inch vinyl (4 tracks) plus digital download card (64 minutes)
style: musique concrete, ambient, soundtrack
label: base
digital distribution: Feiyr, Bandcamp
physical distribution: base shop

"membrane" - music based on field-recordings

The music of "membrane" is based on microphone recordings from all over the world transformed through sound montage techniques into radical noise or environments of sheer beauty.

Digital Download

Digital Downloads: Bandcamp

2x 7inch vinyl.
We will send you a download link to shorten your waiting time. Price includes postage & taxes.


Album   Vinyl   Digital   Ambient   Dorninger   Base   Bandcamp   2012  

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