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October 9, 2020

Dorninger "Slide To Glide" - CDR/Digital

Slide To Glide – a beatless sound environment!

Dorninger "Slide To Glide" - CDR/Digital

Dorninger "Slide To Glide"
code: 1812-24
release date December 30th 2018
format: CD/Digital
style: Ambient

Slide To Glide – a beatless sound environment!

DORNINGER had never assembled a record with pieces from an epoch. "Utopia Around The Corner" (2009) is the final installment of the cross-media performance "Shangri-La, Projections of Utopia" performed at Circus / Linz09. While "Cause & Effect" is from 2018. "Unused Film Score" (2016/2017) was composed for a film, but not used and "Die Romanatische Remixed" (2016) remixed for an exhibition. But there is a red thread through the production: it is without a beat and all the pieces were remixed in 2018, so that a proximity between the pieces could arise. The studio is the instrument. The Dulcimer, played by Nebojša Krulanović is the only acoustic instrument on this record, all other sound sources are either digital or field-recordings (Eisenbahn- brücke). If you have enough time, then listen the record at once with moderate volume, thanks!

DORNINGER is: Wolfgang Dorninger (Electronics)
Nebojša Krulanović: Dulcimer on „Resurrexit Weiterschreibung Eisenbahnbrücke“
Resurrexit is a project by Peter Androsch / Hörstadt.
Wolfgang Dorninger: Recordings of the Eisenbahnbrücke in Linz with microphons, Piezo-Amp and coil.
Cover: Wolfgang Dorninger


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