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Dorninger performed live at 24 Hours February 26th 2022

August 2021: base[records] releases "Phrasemongering" by DORNINGER.

Dorninger live at Home Delivery at Deep Space Ars Electronica Center December 1st 2020

April 2020: base[records] releases ""Too Much Home"" by DORNINGER.

Dorninger performed at Ars Electronica Festival 2019 and presented the sound installation Still Cassette Cultur Node.Linz at Post City during the festival.

Dorninger was in Zambia in the land of the Tonga with Petra Moser (Radio Fro) and Peter Kuthan (ARGE Zimbabwe). See our blog Mulonga 2019 to get an idea what we did there.

Dorninger performed with Monochrome Bleu at Cassette Culture Node.Linz in Vienna.

Article/Interview: A nice interview for the internet magazine DIGILOG from Taiwan.

December 2018: base[records] releases "Slide To Glide" by DORNINGER.

Video: Dorninger "1024 possible ATiny shifts" live at "Leicht über Linz Festival" (Dez. 2017) at the Bruckner University in Linz.


Generative Radio is a internet radio project by Thomas Park, a musician and programmer. Normally sounds by Thomas Park and a few guests will be loaded automatically and randomly when you klick the "load soundscape" button.

Thomas feels that these tracks especially demonstrate the effectiveness of using generative methods along with loop-based compositions. He would like to thank those who contributed sessions, many of whom appear in this release:
Glenn Sogge
Plexus Instruments
2nd Harmonic Generation
Robert Rich
Wolfgang Dorninger

The static tracks in this netrelease at may make listeners curious about the streams from which they were recorded from Generative Radio.

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