Cassette Culture Node.Linz

An exhibition on cassette culture in Linz 2018 and Vienna 2019

Mike Honeycutt R.I.P.

Michael "Mike" Honeycutt, one of the pioneers of DIY cassette culture, passed away unexpectedly at the end of November 2023

About CCNL

A display collection all about cassette culture and the node Die Ind in Linz, Austria.

CCNL: Concept

Concept of the exhibition Cassette Culture Node.Linz - in English

CCNL: Konzept

Konzept der Ausstellung Cassette Culture Node.Linz

About Cassette Culture

Cassette Culture - a short definition.

CCNL Wien 2019: Thanks!

Thanks / Danke!

CCNL Wien 2019: Gallery

Sigrid Dibon from SRA took some great photos of the exhibition.

CCNL Wien 2019: Livepics

Photos from the concerts of the supporting program.

CCNL Wien 2019: Technical Setups

Photos of the technical setup of the artists.

CCNL Wien 2019 : Eröffnung

Eröffnung / Opening!

CCNL Wien 2019: Rahmenprogramm

The supporting program of CCNL in Vienna.

CCNL Wien 2019: Aufbau

Photos from the setup of the exhibition at Druckerei Resch.

CCNL Wien 2019: Tapewall im SRA

"Tape Wall" at the SR Archive for Austrian Popular Music in the Museumsquartier.

CCNL Wien 2019: Why 15th District

Warum der 15.Bezirk? Ein paar kuratorische Gedanken.

CCNL Linz 2018: Thanks!

Danke / Thanks!

CCNL LInz 2018: Press

Feedback by the press.

CCNL Linz 2018: Harold Schellinx

Cassette Culture in Linz, Austria (Oral History).

CCNL Linz 2018: Hörstationen

19 listening stations, divided by regions and topics.

CCNL Linz 2018: Gallery

Photos by Otto Saxinger for OÖ Kulturquartier Linz.

CCNL Linz 2018: Social Media

CCNL on social media.

Workshop #3 by Harold Schellinx

Kunst mit Tapes machen!

Workshop #2 by Andreas Haslauer

Wie man 2018 ein Tape Label macht!

Workshop #1 by Rinus van Alebeek

About The Tape - Kassetten per Hand gestalten.

CCNL Linz 2018: Tapes

Tapes, Cassettes, Kassetten, K7!

CCNL Linz 2018: Mixed Pics

Get in touch with the exhibition through nice pics.

CCNL Linz 2018: Setup #2

Setup of the exhibition #2: Wall displays and display cases

CCNL Linz 2018: Setup #1

Setup of the exhibition #1: Tape Wall

CCNL Linz 2018: Rahmenprogramm

Supporting program for CCNL at Club Unten and in the exhibition space.

CCNL LINZ 2018: Dates

Important Dates!

Tapes: Tapes, quite new!

Tapes, Cassettes, Kassetten!

Tapes: Covers #1

Covers I like a lot - Part 1

Tapes: Covers #2

Covers I like a lot - Part 2

Tapes: Archives

Kassettentäter und ihre Archive!

Tapes: Generations Unlimited / Generator

Tapes, Booklets and Sticker.

Tapes: Die Ind

Tape Label run by Wolfgang Dorninger - 1984 - 1994

Tapes: Staaltape

Tape Label - Staaltape started in Amsterdam, since a while active in Berlin - 1983 - now

Tapes: We Never Sleep

Tape Label, Media Label and Promoter based in Denver, Colorado - 1987 - 1994

Tapes: Cause And Effect

Tape Label and Distributor based in Indianpolis run by Debbie Jaffe and Hal McGee - 1984 - 1988

Tapes: Sound of Pig Music

Tape Label run by Al Margolis 1984 - 1991(?)

Tapes: Nur Schrec!

Tape & Vinyl Label run by Martin L. Reiter (1989 - 1994).

Tapes: Epileptic Media

Tape Label based in Vienna

Photos: Monochrome Bleu US-Tour 1989

On tour meeting friends!

Photos: Monochrome Bleu at Ars Electronica 1987

Programm #5 Kopfstich

Photos: Monochrome Bleu US-Tour 1986

On tour from NYC to San Francisco via Indianapolis, Denver, Boulder and L.A.

Printed: Letters #1

Handwritten letters and infos.

Printed: Envelopes #1

Mail Art, Stamps, Paintings!

Printed: Postcards #1

Postcards connected easily producers & fans.

Printed: Magazines #1

Underground Music Magazines with a little focus on tapes.

Printed: Folder #1

Folder, Booklets, ...

Printed: Fanzines #1

Fanzines, Zines, ...

Printed: Flyer #1

Flyer - more than advertising.

Videos: Generator 1989

New York 1989 at Generator.

Videos: JKN live at CCNL

After 28 years, JKN played with the original lineup at CCNL.

Videos: Links #1

A chronological outline from the 80s to now.

Videos: Fadimat105 Tapeshow #2

Cassettes, Tapes, Kassetten, K7 Part II

Videos: Fadimat105 Tapeshow #1

Cassettes, Tapes, Kassetten, K7 Part I

Videos: Carl Howard

interview with Artitude, aT tapes, .... master!

Videos: Monochrome Bleu USA Tour 1989

Its a film about friends, people and bands we've met on a 6 weeks tour through the USA.

Videos: Cassette Culture Node.Linz Crowdfunding