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October 8, 2020

The Smiling Buddhas "Lo" - CDR/Digital

"Lo" - the first aural travelogue by The Smiling Buddhas!

The Smiling Buddhas "Lo" - CDR/Digital

The Smiling Buddhas "Lo"
code: 0812-13
release date december 2008
format: CD/Digital
style: IDM, breaks, ambient

"Lo" - the first aural travelogue by The Smiling Buddhas!

A journey to the "hidden" kingdom of Lo. A driving, hypnotic and vibrant travelogue of sheer beauty!
"Lo" is a driving, hypnotic and vibrant trip of sheer beauty! Sometimes The Smiling Buddhas add powerful, heavy distorted or elegant beats to express the bodies reaction in thin air ("Dizzy In High Altitude"), steep climbs up to high passes ("Up, Up, Slowly,Slowly") and open hearted dance parties ("Friendly Dhee"). The piece starts with a flight through the deepest gorge in the world ("Into The Gorge") and ends with the chime of holy bells from Muktinath ("Muktinath") & ("End Of The Kora").

THE SMILING BUDDHAS are: Hun-Fa-Di: electronics
John Fitzpatrick: electronics


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