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November 10, 2021


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Links to base acts and other stuff related to base
Wolfgang Dorninger - the homepage of the base boss
DORNINGER - sound art / ambient
DRKMBNT - experimental music with self soldered sound tools
The Smiling Buddhas - aural travelogues with a musical blend of techno and ambient
cultRa - dark techno
Wipeout - Step into the dark side of club music
Monochrome Bleu - 80ies multimedia band
Josef K. Noyce - Sings Shakespeare

base at Twitter
Dorninger at Twitter
DRKMBNT at SoNoMu.Club
Fadimat at Mastodon
The Smiling Buddhas at Facebook
Wipeout at Facebook
fadiDORNinger at Facebook

Projects by base artists
Sounding Linz - sound map of Linz, Austria
Fadimat105 - Radio show at Radio Fro 105 Mhz
Cassette Culture Node.Linz

Peter Androsch - Monochrome Bleu, Josef K. Noyce, Sounding Linz, Dorninger, ...

Videos / Video Documentaries

Dorninger - 24 Hours Videomitschnitt / Video recording
Stream 1 Recording (26.2.2022 - 19:00 - 7:00):
Stream 2 Recording (27.2.2022 - 7:00 - 19:00):
Rent or buy on demand:

Livemitschnitte auf Video / Live recordings on video
Dorninger „Deep Space Special: Node.Linz“ (2020)
Wolfgang Dorninger „1024 possible ATiny shifts - Boiler Room“ (2018)
Dorninger „text2field-recordings live at Castello Di Beseno“ (2015)
Dorninger/Bruckmayr - Flexible Cities (2008)
drkmbnt live at Sonic Sound December 6th 2021
drkmbnt live at Sonic Sound May 6th 2021
drkmbnt live at Sonic Sound Studio April 14th 2021
Friends Of Kulturgüterschuppen live at Generate! 2015 (2015)
Josef K. Noyce „Live at Cassette Culture Node.Linz“ (2018)

Dorn „Mund und Ohr“ (2012)
Dorninger "The Mind Sings Softtones" (2022)
Dorninger - Bells of Mustang (2011)
Dorninger "Shangri-La, Projektionen von Utopia – We/I" (2009)
Dorninger "min/max" (2008)
Dorninger „Nasca, on perspective - high-low-long-short-full-low-texture" (2006)
Dorninger „Nasca, on ... - geometrical figures, diagrams & textures“ (2006)
Dorninger "Hisatsinom, über das Verschwinden - The End of Chaco" (2001)
Dorninger "Hisatsinom, über das Verschwinden - Synchronized Minds“ (2001)
Wolfgang Dorninger "Hisatsinom, über das Verschwinden – Apatheia“ (2001)
Josef K. Noyce "60 Seconds To Death" (1990)
Josef K. Noyce "Faking Around With Architecture" (1990)
Monochrome Bleu "Following The Signs" (1992)
Monochrome Bleu “Sign of the times” (1992)
Monochrome Bleu “Sublime-wedge” (1992)
The Smiling Buddhas "Dal Lazio A Roma " (2020)
The Smiling Buddhas "A'dam" (2016)
The Smiling Buddhas "Snow Melt And Wet Avalanches " (2014)
Wipeout "Da ist nichts!" (2022)
Wipeout "This Love Will Not Stay" (2019)
Wipeout "Waiting Room" (2019)
Wipeout “Sliced Shaped Remodeled” (2013)

Video Documentaries
Mulonga 2019 (Tonga Music) (2019)
sdc2013: text2field-recordings by Dorninger (2013)
Monochrome Bleu "USA Tour 1989" (1989)

Videos Sound Art
Dorninger Beyond the Water v.5 (2017)
Dorninger text2field-recordings “From Linz to Johannesburg” (2014)
Salt Sound Generator (2014)