The Smiling Buddhas

The Smiling Buddhas

We compose music with passion & vision. Aural travelogues for the open-minded!

The Smiling Buddhas float easily between Ambient, Illbient and morphed Techno structures. They create aural travelogues from their extensive travels to create audible spaces for lucid daydreams.

After the spiritual insight into the hidden kingdom of Lo in Mustang, Nepal ("Lo", base 2008) the Buddhas traveled and hiked through the Atacama desert in Chile and Peru ("Atacama", base 2012). "The Alps" (base 2013) is a retrospective view of the days of their child- and boyhood in the Austrian Alps. "Latium" (base 2014) is a beautiful aural road movie telling bizarre stories from the beautiful region around Rome. In 2015, the Buddhas partied all night long in great cities like Amsterdam, Rome or Paris ("All-Nighter" (base) and invite you to cruise with them early in the morning through Hong Kong ("Homekong" (base). In 2016, they celebrated the miracles of "Alpine Rose" (Alpine Rec.) aka Almrausch.

In 2017, The Smiling Buddhas teamed up for "Cote" (base) with the great female singer Philomena from Vienna and deep voice Le Renard who commutes between southern France and Linz. "Upwelling" was released on several Trance Music Compilations and hit the floor hard on several raves worldwide! At the end of 2020 TSB published the acoustic travel report "Acoustic Postcards". In December 2021 the Buddhas invited you to join in to their aural trip to places "Far Off". End of August 2022 they composed a beatless ambient album about monofunctional spaces in urban & suburban areas with the titel "Non-Places". Travel with us and enjoy the safe, virus-free long-distance travel with us.

"Fa-di" (synths, samples, electronics) and John Fitzpatrick (Sound, Electronics) are aural storytellers. They love to travel open-minded and "when we get hit hard by our demon wanderlust we start telling epic stories not using words".

The Smiling Buddhas smile when they whisper in your ear: "Throw the tourist out of your luggage, start traveling."

Live "Fa-Di" creates huge sonic sculptures with sounds from their travels and pump them up with pounding techno beats to make you dance.

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