Silvesterlöten im Kulturgüter-Schuppen 2023/2024

2 minutes
Silvesterlöten im Kulturgüter-Schuppen 2023/2024

This year I once again had time to take part in the Silvesterlöten (New Year's Eve soldering) at the Kulturgüter-Schuppen in Dußlingen near Tübingen in Germany.

It was another great time making a radio program (Fadimat105), creating a radio play for track 5', a short radio play contest by Ö1 and Schule der Dichtung with the New Year's Eve guests and soldering a lot.

I restored 2 broken Piezoamp's from Uwe Schüler (Kulturgüter-Schuppen), soldered a small amplifier for piezos according to a circuit diagram from Ralf Schreiber and of course the "Silly Solder Synth" from Circuit Circle / Alwin Weber (Circuit Control) and Noisio.

A great week with good friends who combine many things in one person: Being a developer, musician, tech thinker and / or entertainer.

I wish you a peaceful, happy and fulfilling 2024. Stay healthy!