Already Soldered Pt. XII

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Already Soldered Pt. XII

Flip Floater Delay

The Flip Floater Delay designed by Claude Winterberg (Basel, Switzerland) has been presented for the first time at HOME MADE 2017 in Switzerland.

I met Claude Winterberg aka Flip Floater the first time at the Circuit Control Festival 2014 in Dresden, Germany. Claude brought the "Step Synth", a nice 8-step sequencer with a built-in CMOS-synth and nice features for sound manipulation to the festival. One year later Claude presented a filter in the Korg MS-20 style at his workshop at Generate Festival 2015 in Tübingen, Germany. I soldered four of them to have a stereo pair for the studio and for my live-setup. In 2017, Claude brought the Flip Floater Delay (FFD) to the Circuit Control Festival, which immediately set
me on fire and I started soldering the delay right away. A few days later, I used the FFD right in my live set.

Some Questions
Claude, do you use the Flip Floater Delay (FFD) in your live set? If so, in what nice cases can we see the delay?
"Basically, the FFD is standard in each device of mine. The complexity of the FFD depends on the synth. I use the fully bent Flip Floater Delay - your version - in my new live ambient music set, which I am currently working on. The most complex version of FFD is installed within my Atari Punk Console."

Left: The fully bent Flip Floater Delay, right: Claude's Atari Punk Console

Why did you develop your own delay? What did you miss with other delays?
"The PT2399 Delay is the simplest delay chip available. I liked the sound from the beginning. I also use it often as a reverb replacement for short reverb. As a circuit bender and developer I always have the urge to tease out something else that was not intended."

What does the technical structure look like?
"The delay is the standard circuit as shown on the data sheet plus bendings. Most effects occur when a resistance is hung between the decoupling capacitors."

Why did you add these nice features to the FFD like the drone function or this granular sounding overtone saturation?
"These are characteristic effects of the chip. The possibilities are complex and often sound similar but not the same. In the end I had to decide which bendings are the best for me."

Flip Floater Delay In Action

You can contact Claude Winterberg aka Flip Floater through email
You can book Claude Winterberg for a workshop and/or Flip Floater as live act.

Claude Winterberg -

Flip Floater live at Circuit Control 2014 at Ostpol, Dresden

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