CDR / Digital: N O - base

CDR / Digital: N O - base

Dorninger "N O"
code: 1604-21
release date May 15th 2016
format: CDR (handmade) / Digital
style: Ambient
label: base
digital distribution: Feiyr, Bandcamp
physical distribution: base shop

NO, North east, ...!

"N O" is the sixth album by Austrian sound artist Wolfgang Dorninger. (This time) Dorninger presents us with a heady blend of synthetic sounds and field recordings involving extreme filtering, heavy granulations and wired time warps and stretches.

The first track is "Little Movements", a dubby excursion into a sound world of small tonal and rhythmic movements. The beat in "Back to Hell", framed by a melancholic tune, is changed randomly, torn apart and disassembled in fast repetition. ”Time Stands Still" is an overblown melancholic remix of "Utopia Round the Corner" from the 2009 cross-media-piece "Shangri-La, Projections of Utopia". "No Birds" is an expression of Dorninger's personal fascination with birds – both our real feathered friends and their synthetic cousins, as featured in his sound installation ”Beyond the Water". The three remaining tracks describe different states of mind, from the visualising focus of "Move It!" to the calm of an infinite expanse of water in "NO (North East)" and the very final state of lying frozen in a refrigerating chamber: ”Lost – Kühlraum".


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Streaming: Spotify / Deezer

CDR packaged in a beautiful origami-like karton.
We will send you a download link to shorten your waiting time. Price includes postage and taxes.


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