Dorninger "Hisatsinom"

2001, Jun-

"Hisatsinom, über das Verschwinden" - the first part of a trilogy

"Hisatsinom, a piece about vanishing" consists of 10 interconnected parts.

Subject: The disappearance and transformation of cultural codes, demonstrated by the end of the culture of the Hisatsinom (Anasazi) in the Four Corners District (Utah, Colorado, New Mexico & Arizona). The pieces who are given titles like "The End of Chaco", "Synchronised Minds", "Relation, Etappe der Beliebigkeit" (= Relation, stage of interchangeability), "Kollektive Halluzination" (= collective halluzination) or "Silence" touch such themes as the synchronisation of the individual, the disposal of natural barriers or functionalism in music.

Music: The music mainly consists of electronic elements or electronically modulated natural instruments, accompanied by live-electronics, violin and singing.

Video: Two videos are projected on three screens, differing in material and surface. While in a kind of slideshow projection 1 is focusing on almost motionless extreme close-ups of organic material, projection 2/3 is showing text- and imageanimations (by Dietmar Bruckmayr) and piece related pictures.

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Pics: 1: Cover, 2 & 3: Live at Blackbox München, 4: Live at Linzfest 2007 Linz