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Oktober 8, 2020

Dorninger "Nasca, on perspective" - DVD/Digital

"Nasca, on perspective" - the second part of a trilogy

Dorninger "Nasca, on perspective" - DVD/Digital

Dorninger "Nasca, on perspective"
code: 0606-11
release date 21st june 2006
format: DVD/Digital, duration 52 minutes
style: algorithmic live-video processing, electronic music with vocals & percussion

"Nasca, on perspective" - the second part of a trilogy

keywords perspective:
Nasca Code, Nasca lines, perspective, diagrammatic patterns, textile forms of structure, 2D > 3D transitions, impossible perspectives, algorithmic perspectives, modular perspectives, ....

keywords performance:
Realtime 3-D, musical parameters trigger algorithmic animations, 3D-animation, interactive sound / image creation, algorithmic composition, drones, soundscapes, granular synthesis, ....

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DORNINGER "Nasca, on perspective"
Second part of the trilopgy "Verschwinden / Perspektive / Utopia". Price includes postage.

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