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drkmbnt performing Tiny Techno Orchestra live at AMRO 2022 in Linz

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DRKMBNT – Tiny Techno Orchestra

Performance 16th June 2022 22:05 – 22:25 DH5 in Linz, Austria

DRKMBNT is a live act that performs its music with self-soldered sound tools. The tools are mostly developed by friends with whom DRKMBNT regularly meets privately or at festivals. From time to time DRKMBNT modifies these tools like in the project "Tiny Techno Orchestra". The orchestra is based on 10 circuits, all consisting of a CMOS chip, a few resistors and capacitors. The power comes from used batteries or photovoltaic panels.

At AMRO22 DRKMBNT played with 10 circuits in a dark space with two flash lights.

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