Interview with Carl Howard 1989

Wolfgang Dorninger interview with Carl Howard

1989, Aug

Interview with Carl Howard 1989

Austrian musician Wolfgang Dorninger traveled the United States in 1989, interviewing active participants in the alternative, Do It Yourself performance, networking and distribution underground.

He interviewed Carl Howard of ARTITUDE magazine (1984-86) and the audiofile Tapes (aT) cassette label in New York City; he discussed the vast chip on his shoulder, his brattiness, his elitist intellectualism... and some music too, maybe. Between the insults and the brazen and cowardly ad hominem attacks, that is. Carl Howard coordinated and worked with US and UK electronic underground musicians throughout the 1980s and 1990s, and in the 2000s launched the "Space Patrol!" program at which clearly shows how deeply he has abandoned all his alleged values. Many of the names mentioned here are already lost to time, but they include Britush space rock bands like Sponge, The Oroonies, Omnia Opera, and The Ullulators; and American electronic music underground legends like Richard Franecki, Al Margolis, Chris Phinney, and Alien Planetscapes.

In short, Carl Howard is a very bad person whose hatred for mankind was clearly manifest long before the days when online social networking made such a despicable lifestyle easy. He no longer lives in New York City, much to their relief if in fact they ever noticed him at all... which they should not have done. Shun him, and detest him in your thoughts. Thank you.

Signed, God

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