Workshop #2 - Epileptic Media

Workshop - Cassette Culture Node.Linz

2018 Jun

Workshop #2 Andreas Haslauer / Epileptic Media (Linz, Wien) – Wie macht man 2018 ein Tape Label!

Andreas Haslauer runs Epileptic Media since 2011. He started the label in Linz where he studied painting at the University of Art and Design Linz. Now he lives in Vienna and beside his painting career he keeps his label running on a high output level. Epileptic Media releases mainly tapes but also shirts, comic-zines, sticker and poster. Andreas plays also in different bands with beautiful names like "Se Mustard Terrorists" or "Nadeshda". 2011 he started with circuit bending and some of his gear on stage is a result of his bending activities.

In his workshop at Cassette Culture Node.Linz he showed young makers how to run a tape label, how to copy tapes and how to design artwork on a D.I.Y. level.

It was great to have Andreas in Linz to see how the young generation works with tapes and how they setup new networks. Check out his/their links and you will get in touch with exciting artwork and new perspectives in music.

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