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Tapes, Cassettes, Kassetten

2019 Feb

  • Epileptic Media
  • "Detox" by Puke Puddle released by Epileptic Media
  • "El Dia De Los Amaragados" by Los Amargados released by Unusual Records
  • "Wege zum Glück und retour" by Der Singende Bronco
  • "At Walking Distance" by Rinus Van Alebeek released by Falt, "Berlin Tape Run, pocket version" (Linz version) by V.A. released by Staaltape
  • “Lepidopteros” by Angélica Castelló released by Thalamos
  • "Dos Cuacochis" by Angélica Castelló released by Upside Down Recordings
  • "String Quartet with Windows, Open" by Harold Schellinx released by Transonic

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