Cassette Covers

198x -

Covers I like a lot - Part 2

This collection is ongoing - I start with those who are already scanned:

  • Various Artists The Heterodox Conclusion - all female compilation (Cause And Effect, Indianapolis, USA, 1986)
  • Blurt Six Views In Black (Blurt, Stroud, UK, 1986)
  • Blurt Six Views In Black (Blurt, Stroud, UK, 1986)
  • Various Artists Sampler mit 3'-Stücken aus Basel (Alex Buess, Basel, 1986)
  • Various Artists Der politische Katholizismus (Calypso Now, Biel, Schweiz, 1985)
  • The End by Platzlinger (Nur Sch. Records, Schwertberg, Österreich, 1989)
  • Various Artists 1990 (Nur Sch. Records, Schwertberg, Österreich, 1990)
  • Musica Per Una Ballerina A Tre Gambe by Rinus van Alebeek / Marcel Turkowsky / Marco Lampis - Dona Ferentes (Palustre, ?)
  • They Call Me "Bwana" by If Bwana (Sound of Pig Music. NY, USA, 1987)
  • Various Artists - Total Recess 3 (Mystery Hearsay, Memphis, USA, 1988)
    *Apoplexy by Mystery Hearsay (Mystery Hearsay, Memphis, USA, 1984)
  • Green Monkey Theory by Green Monkey Theory (Multimediale Kunststation, Freiburg, Germany, 1988)
  • Various Artists Fadi The Sampler Linz #1 (Die Ind, Linz, Österreich, 1984)
  • Willi Sodom und die Gommorras Live (Freiburg, Germany, 1988)

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