Cassette Covers

198x -

Covers I like a lot - Part 1

This collection is ongoing - I start with those who are already scanned:

*Popular Soviet Songs And Youth music by zoviet-france (Singing Ringing, UK, 1985)
* WER mit WEM Improvized Musik Sampler by (Calypso Now, Biel, Schweiz, (1986)
* Ain Soph by Ain Soph (Staaltape, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, 1985)
* Dislocation by Hafler Trio (Staaltape, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, 1987)
* Various Artists Insomnia Vol.1 (We Never Sleep, Denver, USA, 1987)
* Various Artists Object No.3 (Ladd-Frith, Eureke, USA, 1987)
* Needy by Problemist from San Francisco (Die Ind, Linz, Österreich, 1986)
* Various Artists Zamizdat Trade Journal Volume 4 Ultralocalism (Zamizdat Trade Journal, 1985)
* Josef K. Noyce Bali Alternative TV (Die Ind, Linz, Österreich, 1985), Coverart: Leo Schatzl
* Various Artists Band-It #16 - Magazine with tape (Band It, Mainieus, Deutschland, 1984)
* Psyclones (Eureka, California) We're Different Thinking People (Die Ind, Linz, Österreich, 1985)

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