Cassette Archives

198x -

Kassetten T├Ąter und ihre Archive

There are musicians and archivists like Frank Bull (Vinyl on Demand), Zan Hoffman, Don Campau, Hal McGee and others who publish their tape activities and collections online and as you can see they have great collections too. More links and photos will follow.


  • "These rotating tape shelves are not in use any more", wrote Don Campau in a mail to me, because a big pile of his tapes had been shipped to Germany to Tape-Mag. (Santa Rosa, USA)
  • Apartment Music 28 by Hal McGee was held on March 24, 2018. Ironing (pic.) and others performed in his apartment. (2018, Gainsville, USA, pic. by Hal McGee)
  • Final cassette rack configurations by Zan Hoffman (June 2006)
  • Wolfgang Dorninger happy with edition 5 of Tape Report
  • Wolfgang Dorninger's tape shelf in the living room next to the tape deck.
  • A small part of the Tape-Mag archive by Frank Bull

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