Monochrome Bleu USA-Tour 1986

Photos from the Monochrome Bleu USA-Tour 1986


Monochrome Bleu USA-Tour 1986

Some photos from the Monochrome Bleu USA-Tour 1986:

  • Monochrome Bleu before boarding to NYC at Luxembourg Airport (1986, Luxembourg, pic. by Sabine Bitter)
  • Interview with V. Vale - Re/Search (1986, San Francisco, USA)
  • Interview with Debbie Jaffe and Hal McGee - Cause And Effect (1986, Indianapolis, USA)
  • Hal McGee and Wolfgang Dorninger - Cause And Effect (1986, Indianapolis, USA, pic by Leo Schatzl)
  • Billboard at DNA Lounge San Francisco (San Francisco, USA) (pic by Leo Schatzl)
  • Jesse Bloch filming Monochrome Bleu (San Francisco, USA, pic by Leo Schatzl)
  • Monochrome Bleu driving through the mid-west (pic. by Leo Schatzl)
  • Boulder - Monochrome Bleu with friends like Little Fyodor (pic. by Joel Haertling)
  • Boulder - Joel Haertling conducted an interview with Wolfgang Dorninger (pic. by Leo Schatzl)

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