Workshop #3 - Harold Schellinx

Workshop - Cassette Culture Node.Linz

2018 Jun

Workshop #3 Harold Schellinx (Paris) – About The Tape. Kunst mit Tapes machen!

I met Harold Schellinx first 2007 in The Hague when I conducted an interview with him for my documentary "into the fields". After the interview he played with the band Diktat. Since then, I have followed closely his artistic work.

Harold Schellinx lives and works in Paris and Amsterdam. He is a mathematician, artist, author, improviser and creator of unusual and original music.

In 2002 Harold started collecting cassettes and tape material from cassettes in the public space during his travels and a day-to-day life.

In his workshop on July 8th Harold presented his project "Found Tapes Exhibition" and showed how to restore found tapes from compact discs. Within his workshop we streamed a live interview to the Festival Vieux Media in La Générale, Paris. On July 9th Harold conducted/"performed" a lecture on "Found Tapes", his sound art and the impact of audio cassettes to our cultural live. And he performed live within the exhibition at Club Unten on July 11th.

It was so great to have Harold in Linz to be part of the Cassette Culture Node.Linz exhibition because he is physically so close to tapes and his toughts on tapes as a media are funny and intellectual at the same time. Thanks for having the "Found Tapes Exhibtion" being part of Cassette Culture Node.Linz.

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