Workshop #1 - Rinus van Alebeek

Workshop - Cassette Culture Node.Linz

2018 Jun

Workshop #1 "About The Tape - Kassetten per Hand gestalten!" by Rinus van Alebeek

On Sunday June 24th, Rinus van Alebeek from Berlin started with his ongoing workshop. The workshop ended when Rinus left Linz on June 30th. During his stay Rinus showed up daily at the exhibition space to produce a second edition of his first release at Staaltape "Berlin Tape Run" (2009).

Rinus is always in motion. From Berlin to Catania, to Poland, to Paris, back to Berlin, to .... Rinus is a writer, a sound artist, radio host and label activist. Since 2009 Rinus runs the tape label Staaltape in Berlin where he releases very special packaged tape editions.

In Linz during his workshop at cassette Culture Node.Linz Rinus released two very special limited editions (10 copies each) from the "Berlin Tape Run". The material for the packaging came from flyers promoting art shows at the OÖ Kulturquartier in Linz where the exhibition happened.

During his stay Rinus also produced "Letter from Linz, Interview with Wolfgang Dorninger on cassette culture node.linz", a radio show for Radio On in Berlin and he also performed a great live show within the exhibition at Club Unten on June 26th. It was such a great experience to have Rinus occupying the workshop table for nearly a week and to have him in Linz for such a long time.

Thanks a lot Rinus!

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