Hörstationen - Listening Stations

Photos from the listening stations within Cassette Culture Node.Linz

2018 -

CCNL, listening, pics, exhibition, Linz, Foyer Ursulinenhof

Cassette Culture Node.Linz - Listening Stations

Music and Cassette Culture - what else!

So I created 19 listening stations divided into regions and topics. Out of my tape archive and with the music I loved most from this collection from the 80ies. I announced the music and acts so that visitors of the exhibition could get the information of whome the music was. One listening station was curated by Hal McGee focusing on Cause And Effect (Indianapolis). Hal made a posting with his musical collection at Electronic Cottage. Get there and you know how the CCNL Listening Stations worked!

Following listening stations had been exhibited: Australia, Belgium, California, Colorado, Germany Mixed, Die Ind International, Die Ind Local, Europe Mixed, Female, The Netherlands, Japan, Linz Now, Mid-West USA, New York & Around, Swiss, Texas, UK, Vinyl On Demand

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