Cassette labels I cooperated with as DIE IND, Monochrome Bleu or Josef K. Noyce

Tape Label, Media Label and Promoter based in Denver, Colorado
1987-1994, Label, Promotor, Publisher
Tape Label and Distributor based in Indianpolis run by Debbie Jaffe and Hal McGee
1984-1988, Label, Distributor, Sound Artists, Debbie Jaffe, Hal McGee
Tape Label - Staaltape started in Amsterdam, since a while active in Berlin
1983- , Tape, Label, Cassette
Tape Label run by Al Margolis
1984, Tape, Label, Cassette, Experiemental Music
Tape & Vinyl Label run by Martin L. Reiter
1989-1994, Tape, Label, Cassette
Tape Label run by Wolfgang Dorninger
1984-1994, Tape, Label, Cassette, Tape Report, Fadi The Sampler Linz