We Never Sleep

Tape Label, Media Label and Promoter based in Denver, Colorado

1987 - 1994

We Never Sleep

When we stayed in Boulder at Joel Haertling's place in 1986 I got a call from Paul Dickerson of We Never Sleep that if we have a day off we can play in Denver. "Come down and check out the space you wanna play and what equipment you'll need" Paul said and we went down, met him and his friends and a longtime relationship started. Human Head Transplant opened up, we got app. 15 TV sets from Tom Headbanger to build a video installation (see pic. in the slideshow) and a great crowd showed up. In 1988 I stayed again more than a week in Denver and played a show as Josef K. Noyce. With Monochrome Bleu I returned in 1989 and 1992. Monochrome Bleu released music on cassette (Insomnia Vol. I) and CD's at We Never Sleep. Then and when friends from Denver showed up in my house in Linz, Austria. (Wolfgang Dorninger)

  • Various "Insomnia Vol. 1" ‎(2xCass C60) WNS 003 1987
  • The Haters "The Whipping" ‎(Cass) WNS 004 1987
  • Maybe Mental "Kweye" ‎(Cass, C60) WNS 005 1988
  • Various "Insomnia Vol. 2" ‎(2xCass C60) WNS 006 1988
  • Illusion Of Safety "More Altitude Than Attitude: IOS At 14,000 Feet" ‎(Cass, C60) WNS 007 1988
  • Illusion Of Safety "WNS07C18" ‎(2xCass ) WNS07C18 1989
  • Greater Than One "Trust" ‎(12") WNS 008 1990
  • Matt Heckert "Mechanical Sound Orchestra" ‎(VHS, PAL) WNS 009 1990
  • The Haters "Connotations Of Wreckage" ‎(VHS) WNS 010 1990
  • Life Garden "Caught Between The Tapestry Of Silence & Beauty" (CD) WNS 011 1992
  • Monochrome Bleu "Catfood" ‎(3xCD, Mini + Box) WNS 013 1992
  • Human Head Transplant "The Lay Of Her Land" ‎(CD) WNS 014 1993
  • blackhumour "Peace In Our Time" ‎(CD) WNS 015 1993
  • Left Hand Right Hand "Hum Drum" ‎(CD, EP) WNS 016 1992
  • The Haters "Blank Banner" ‎(CD) WNS 017 1993
  • Various "Insomnia Vol. 1" ‎(2xCD) WNS 019 1993
  • Life Garden "Pry Open My Mouth With The Red Knife Of Heaven" ‎(CD) WNS 020 1992
  • Savage Republic "Tragic Figures" ‎(CD) WNS021 1994

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