Tape Label - Staaltape started in Amsterdam, since a while active in Berlin

1983 -


During the first years of Staalplaat, Geert Jan Hobijn used the name Staaltape to make a clear distinction between the shop and the label. Many of the artists whose music got released on MC (Music Cassette) by Staaltape are still around. On the weblog nostalgie de la boue the titles (and download links) are listed. Boys and girls became men and women; staalplaat went on to become an established name within a non established genre. In the last century Staaltape disappeared together with the music cassette.

They are both back again.

The Staaltape releases are (mostly) curated and entirely produced at home by Rinus van Alebeek. He also write the entries on the Staaltape blog.

New release: dj ShlucHT – eine nervtötende Geräumigkeit

Staaltape (since 2010)

Berlin Tape Run
Poem by Rébus
Paris Tape Run
Tales for Tapes #7
Brussels Tape Run
A Day in the Life
You can kill a Pig in July
Berlin Tape Run 2
Authentic Rip-Off
Paris Tape Run 2
Charles Moneypenny (Joke Lanz) – Tea for Two
Four Corners of the Night
Zanstones für Berlin
Groetjes uit Brussel
AudioZine #1 – Glenn Branca
Montreal Tape Run ( sold out)
: such : – The Truth Series
AudioZine#2 – Diktat in America
Midori Hirano – And I Am Here
Jeff Surak – All Gold
Slow Slow Loris – From Monster till Mourning
Patrizia Oliva – Numen, Life of Elitra Lipozi
Audiozine#3 – Valerie Kuehne
Ben Roberts – Unit Audio
The Last Day on Earth – Midori Hirano/Kris Limbach
Dj ShlucHT - Eine nervtötende Geräumigkeit

Staaltape (historic releases)

ST 00A : Laibach - Through The Occupied Netherlands
ST 00B : Last Few Days - So The Last Shall Be First And The First Last For Many Be Called But Few Chosen.
ST 00B : Sleep Chamber - Live At The Air Station
ST 00C : Various - Propagandum<br> ST 00D : Nocturnal Emissions - The Fight Goes On
ST 00E : Z'EV - 50 Gates
ST 00F : Current 93 / Nurse With Wound - NL Centrum-Amsterdam
ST 00G : Club Moral - Untitled
ST 00H : NON - Sick Tour
ST 00I : Étant Donnés - L'Eclipse
ST 00J : Laibach - Ein Schauspieler
ST 00K : The Hafler Trio - Dislocation
ST 00L : Partial 'zoviet-france' not found: - Loh Land
ST 00M : Nurse With Wound & The Hafler Trio - Hit Again!
ST 00N : Chris & Cosey - Allotropy
ST 00O : Ende Shneafliet - Untitled
ST 00P : The Master Musicians Of Joujouka / Brion Gysin - Back In No Time (2 x cassettes + book)
ST 00P : The Master Musicians Of Joujouka - Recorded Live In France
ST 00Q : FNTC - Opera
ST 00R : Merzdow Shek - Suicide In America & Bavarian Aquarels
ST 00S : Savage Republic - Live At The Melkweg 25.9.87
ST 00T : Enrico Piva - Double Bind
ST 00V : S·Core - Pretension
ST 00W : Mission Papua Holland - Son Geng
ST 00X : Von Magnet - El Sexo Sur Realista
ST 00Y : Sprung Aus Den Wolken - You Lucky Star (One Big Family)
ST 00Z : Ain Soph - Ain Soph

Confrontation Serie:
N°1 : Decode - De Nachtloop
N°2 : Zirkus Beckmans - Kreaturen Der Hiesigen Epoche
N°3 : Yntse Vuchts - Akte Moderne
N°4 : Tim Benjamin & Ronald Heiloo & Harold Schellinx - Iörmungandur
N°? : Denise Anken, Michel Banabila, Mohammed Beztati, Piet Lichtveld, Hans Meyer, Richard Zijlstra - Original Places
N°6 : Cora - Ei Blot Til Lyst

Current 93 & Nurse With Wound - Mi-Mort
Het Zweet / Forced Run - Untitled
Het Zweet - Fase
History Of Unheard Music - History Of Unheard Music
Martin Hall - Inscription

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