9 to 5 heros at work!
this cd contains 8 hours of music which means for most people in the industrialized part of the world a day of work.
or 8 hours of sleep. the other 8 hours people try to eat, have sex, do sports, read books, watch tv, meat friends.....
how to deal with the 9 to 5 cd: go to your job, place the cd in your computer, open your mp3 player, load the folder
and try to work. you will have a new work experience. but listen! base records is not responsible if your boss fires you.

in the 9to5 polaroid gallery you can find many friends of fadi who work really hard
most of them work more than 8hrs with shitty payment and don't even sleep 8 hours!

if you had luck, you'll find one of these polaroids in your cd-package. Enjoy the cd.

dr. no at work - he's a writer....._....._........_......._........mr. sack - art director, the cycle of business

mr. huber doing the garden for his kids......_......._........mr. kern backstage waiting for showtime

mr. graml says - consume your body - love struggle works......_......._........burning down the..

mr. bruckmayr is not sure about the performance of the mic..._........mr. kern is still bored backstage

mrs. dirnberger - a language sign techer says art!.._..mr. androsch - a composer on his new steinway

mr. john rumley - luthier and musician....._...mr. frank hauser jr. - record store clerk (wax trax) and musician

mr. danny keough - bar tender and pool hustler.._..mr. saftic (promotor) and mr. bruckmayr talk business

mr. jöchtl - musician and sound engineer... _...._....mrs. pfaffenberger - singer, artist at work

radio fro (www.fro.at or 105 mhz in Linz, Austria) stuff is preparing frosine!

mrs. hofer - pr for ars electronica 2000....._...mrs. schmiederer - ars e. festival manager still relaxed

mr. joschi - 1/2 jomasound at soundcheck.._..mr. maex - the 2nd half of joma is doing the same

mr. fadi - base rec. keeps me going and going and... _...._basicray / mrs.ushi coffe and servus.at

2 BKA's - very tired after soundcheck...._.....mr. fadi says: no coffee, i am speedy by nature

mr. old dog - ragga dj with lovly 7"....._...mr. bundes - servus.at manager relaxed, because of linux

mr. schrefler and bruckmayr hard at work .._..mr. wollner - radio fro technician after a hard radioday

mrs. monika - dj, artist after spinning records... _...mr. wahl - ridin' trough the prairie (new mag for linz)

mrs. stuller - videoartist and VJ...._.....mr. schmid runs pa rental - he is not tired

mr. ganhör aka eleven - twisting the knobs....._...mr. linschinger/plotkin/dorninger - ridin' a train